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Growth Plate Injuries In Children

Written By: Kirk Koepsel DPM Editor, PodiatryNetwork.com


Growth Plate Injuries In Children:


There are a number of common growth plate injuries in a child's foot. The growth plate is the area within a bone that provides for the proper growth of the bone. An injury to this area of the bone can result in early closing of the growth plate or abnormal growth of the bone. Below is a list of common growth plate injuries:
- Big toe injuries – “Turf Toe”
- Pain in the ball of the foot – Freiberg's disease

- Pain on the inner side of the foot – Kohler's disease

- Pain on the outside of the foot
- Painful heel – Seiver's disease
- Growth plate injury associated with bone fractures

The growth plates in the foot on average close at an age of 14 years in girls and 16 years in boys. Your podiatrist should evaluate any trauma or joint sprain of the foot or ankle in a child.

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